Stone Catalog


Microcrystalline metamorphic rock most commonly dervived from shale and composed mostly of micas, chlorite and quartz. The micaceous minerals have a subparallel orientation and thus impart strong cleavage to the rock which allows the latter to split into thin but tough sheets.


Highly indurated, typically metamorphosed sandstone containing at least 95% silica which fractures conchoidally through grain.


Sedimentary Rock composed mostly of mineral and rock framents within the sand size range 2 to 0.06 mm and having a minimumof 60% free silica, cemented or bonded to greater or lesser degree by various materials include silica, iron oxides, carbonated or clay.

Green Marble

Serpentine Marble, a rock consisting mostly or entirely of serpentine (hydrated magesium silicate), commomly veined with calcite, and dolomite or magnesite or magnesium carbonate

Travetine Marble

A Porous or Cellularly layer, partly crystallin calcite of chemical origin.


Translucent, generally layered, cryptocrystalline calcite with colour in pastel shades, particularly yellow, brown and green.


a rock of sedimentary origin composed principally of calcium carbonate( the mineral calcite), or the double carbonate of calcium and magnesium( the mineral dolomite) or some combination of these 2 minerals.


Carbonate rock that has acquired a distinctive crystalline texture by recrystallization , mostly by heat and pressure during metamorphism and is composed principally of carbonate mineral calcite and dolomite, singly or in combination.


A visibly granular, igneous rock, consisting mostly of quarts and feldspars. the texture is typically homogenous but may be gneissic or porphyrite.