CSS Connexion

CSS CONNEXION is a mineral formulation designed to increase solids in natural stones and composite with high resistance and less permeability properties

  • High preservation capabilities
  • Extremely durable
  • Real-time drying
  • Non-darkening
  • Non-yellowing

Treating and hardening all types of calcareous composition floor surfaces
Recommended for use on marble, terrazzo and agglomerate, and cementitious surface in showroom, warehouse, commercial areas, offices, and etc
Approximately 125 ft² to 250 ft² (12 m² to 23 m²) per 946 ml

  • Excellence result on existing old concrete floor
  • For new installations, recommended minimum 14 days or full cure

Polishing Concrete Floor:

  1. Concrete shall be at least 25 n/mm² compressive strength or higher
  2. Concrete must be cure with minimum of 28 days prior to grinding and polishing

Apply CSS Plasma or CSS Max
Read entire label before using as to achieve higher gloss result
Do not allow product to come in contact with any non-recommended surface