Clear Concept (V)

CLEAR CONCEPT (V) (CCV), double density mineral solids reinforced with a base of unique lithium silicate and micro crystal quartz formulation designed to effectively strengthen and shine on most calcium- based and agglomerate quartz applicable surfaces.
It restores and enhances to a high gloss and clarity. It gives an added chemical resistance and preservation properties thus increasing surface traffic and contamination resistance.
Designed for interior and exterior uses with anti- slippery properties
Recommended for use on:

  • Effective on soft marble and limestone
  • Porcelain and homogenous tiles
  • Cementitious surface
  • Sandstones
  • Other agglomerate stones

Initial treatment approximately:
500 - 1000 ft² (46 m² - 93 m²) per US Gal
Surface Maintenance approximately:
800 - 1000 ft² (74 m² - 93 m²) per 946 ml

  • Apply CCV as require for higher gloss result as needed depending on surface traffic and consistency of routine maintenance program
  • Stone Cleaner is recommended for routine maintenance